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I am a keen photographer. Over the years I have been lucky enough to have a number of photographs published. If you require any bespoke photography for your site, I am happy to quote on this as part of the service.

Beautiful Horses After the Ball is over Flower close-up Inside a flower Ants farming aphids A dandelion head Inside a flower College gates on a foggy morning Swans on the river in the fog Looking out from the doors of a college lodge A bridge on the River Cam Child playing by a fountain Punts on the River Cam A reed bed House with radiating clouds Cyclist in front of museum Shield bug on a poppy head Insect on flower head Insect on flower head Pre-dawn light at King's College Aphid farm Long-tailed tit perching, blue tit in flight Robin singing Aphid farm Tiny chapel Tiny chapel Windpump at Wicken Fen with storm front moving in Insect on flower

Copyright on any commissioned photographs will be transferred to the client. Copyright on any other images used as stock photos will remain with the photographer.

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