About Mark

I have been coding for the web and building web sites since 1998. I prefer to code by hand, but am familiar with web layout programs – such as Dreamweaver – and am happy to use them if you prefer.

Most of my work revolves around the use of:

I am not called on to use it much, but I also have a working knowledge of Python and Perl.

You can view my latest work in the sites section.


Before I began web work I spent the best part of a decade in publishing, spending time working on writing, editing, proofreading, typesetting, artwork creation, and data conversion. During this period I was fortunate to work on major reference projects for a number of international publishers, including:

So, rest assured that your copy is in good hands. If you don't have any copy, I will be able to write some for you. Proofreading is part of the service.

Footnotes & Appendices

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